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Authentic Auto Messaging at Scale

Human-AI Augmentation software that enables individuals to hold thousands of context driven conversations simultaneously from a personal phone number or email address.

import { getAvailableDriver } from '../lib/drivers.js';
import { createInvoice, getInvoice } from '../lib/invoice.js';

// PizzaZoom Order Workflow - figure what type of pizzas, then pickup or carrier out, send invoice url.
export default async function PizzaOrder({context, customer}) {

if (! return { instructions: 'Figure out what pizza sizes and toppings are needed for order' };

if (!context.invoiceId && context.delivery_method) {
const invoice = await createInvoice(;
const intro = `${context.delivery_method === 'delivery' ? 'Order will be sent over in 30 minutes' : 'Order will be ready for pickup in 30 minutes at 123 Nark Ave Seattle WA 98122'}.`;
return {
message: `${intro}.\n\nThe total is ${}, you can pay at this url: ${invoice.invoiceUrl}`,
contextUpsert: { invoiceId:, invoicePaid: false }

if (!context.invoicePaid && context.invoiceId) {
const invoice = await getInvoice(context.invoiceId || ''});
return { instructions: `Let user know order is ready for payment at ${invoice.invoiceUrl}`

if (context.delivery_method === 'pickup') {
return [
instructions: `Let user know their order will be ready at ${moment().add(30, 'minutes').format('h:mm a')}`,
instructions: `Find out if everything was delivered, and let the user know to contact if there are any issues`,
forward: {
mode: 'after-reply'
scheduled: moment().add(30, 'minutes').unix() }
// @TODO - delay and notify user for feedback and if they got their pizza
import { EventResponse } from '@scout9/app';
import { CRM } from '../lib/customers';

function Example() {
const [enabled, setEnabled] = useState(true);

return ( <form action="/notification-settings" method="post"> <Switch checked=enabled onChange={setEnabled} name="notifications">{/* ... */}</Switch> <button>Submit</button> </form>) }